Petrol, Diesel Oil Gasoline, Kerosene Oil. Mentholated Spirits, Coal Tar, Turpentine like petroleum products.

 Gun Powder, Sulfur, Guns (loaded) and Cartridges.

 Unbanned Leather, Skin, Feathers and Hides, Raw Fish, Dry Fish, Dead Bodies of human beings and         Animals, Bones / Horns, Animals / Birds, Feathers.

  Gas Cylinders containing Compress Gas, Gas Cylinder (Even empty).

  Unauthorized forest produces.

 Contraband articles Poison.

 Batteries (not Crated), matchbox, Crackers / Explosives.

  Charcoal, lignite and petcock.

  Inflammable and explosives.

  Unpacked Cinema Films.

 Unpacked Cotton bales.

  Unpacked Dry leaves.

  Unpacked Woolen Goods.

  Unpacked liquid and glass materials.

  Alcohol, Opium, Narcotic preparations and Hemp.

  Gold and Silver coins.

  Precious stones and pearls.



  Sharp weapons likely to cause injury.

  Heavy machinery which is likely to damage to bus and passengers

  Any other items prohibited by law from time to time.

  All items that infringe the Indian Postal Act Of 1898 and all restricted items as per the guidelines of IATA.

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